Anarchy Stocking (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt)

This costume was easier to make than it looked like it would be. Everything on the dress is made in a dull satin because I wanted it to be shimmery since the Anarchy sisters seem to be a bit over the top! Panty’s costume was made with all the same fabrics. I started out with a pattern that was a great base for the bodice. I just had to add the blue strips down the front, the ribbon in the center front, the silver band, and the ruffles. I went with some added color for a pop on the bodice by making blue ruffles instead of white ones. All the ruffles were made just by folding the fabric in half and running a gathering stitch across the seam allowance. The silver “corset” part has 1/4″ spiral steel bones in each seam to give it support (mostly for the wings). Where the ribbon crisscrosses in the front I made buttonholes the width of the ribbon and then laced it through and knotted it behind the fabric since Stocking’s doesn’t tie. The skirt is just a basic circle skirt I drafted and attached to the bodice along with the blue ruffle. I then added a zipper down the back and made the blue bias to go around the bottom edge. The bodice if fully lined, but the skirt isn’t. All the silver fabric is topstitched in a metallic silver thread. The hearts are made from plastic ornaments that were painted on the inside, filled with expanding foam, cut, and then had pin backs added. My bows were made from pale blue satin ribbon and a sheer silver metallic ribbon because I wanted them to be a bit more over the top than hers usually are.

The gloves were made from stretch lycra that I cut to fit over my arms with an elastic ring at the end to loop over my fingers. The armbands are silver stretch vinyl that are made into the gloves so that I wouldn’t have to fight them to stay in place.

The stockings are made from stretch lycra for the white and a blue stretch knit. I serged them together, fit them around my legs, serged that seam, and then folded the hem. They stay up with a little It Stays roll on adhesive.

My choker is made of the same silver satin as my corset part and has sheer blue ribbon around the edges. I made the bow for my wig the same way I make bows that I have a tutorial for somewhere…and then it was attached with a hair clip that I could slide on and off for easier travel with the wig. I totally lucked up on the shoes in Payless one day. My petticoat was HUGE because I had two on. I had just one, but it didn’t feel large enough, so I got a second. I wore little blue boyshorts under the skirt that matched the blue in my stockings.

For the wings I use a mixture of what I plotted out along with an idea here and there from JiaJem’s tutorial on her site. They are built out of 9 gauge wire shaped for the frame, then chicken wire stretched over that for the inside structure. There’s a wire cross brace bar in the back to keep them supported, and two bars that go down and hide inside my dress. Then the frame was covered in felt and all the feathers glued down. I mixed in some pale blue ones just for a little extra color and then the were edged in marabou. The whole thing is extremely light and can be supported inside my dress just by slipping them in.

For the final touch, besides a good wig, I got aqua colored contacts because we wanted to have matching eyes for the pictures. And I wore some GIANT fake lashes to exaggerate my eyes some. I also painted my nails a shimmery blue to match the costume.


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