Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

After a little messing around on the forums for Anime Blues Con, a group of us decided to cosplay Fairy Tail Guild members and I chose Juvia.

This was a pretty simple costume to make overall. The dress and hat are made of a color shifting taffeta. I decided on a blue because I think Juvia looks better in blue and black is boring. The dress is just a basic form fitting dress with a back zipper and high split. It’s lined in white dull satin. The fur is just 4″ wide trim that I rolled into tubes and sewed down by hand.

The hat is made of a frame of plastic canvas for yarn crafts. I cut it to fit over my wig and then used cording to tie the pieces together. Then I cut felt in the exact dimensions of the hat frame and sewed them down by hand. The crown was cut with a 1/2″ seam around it, then clipped so that it would fold down. I sewed it down around the edges and then I cut the rest in the length plus the 1/2″ seam allowance at the center back, 1/2″ seam around the top, and roughly 2″ at the bottom to turn under into the frame as a facing. I sewed that on my machine down the center back, then attached it to the crown by hand. Next came the arduous task of folding it down smoothly over the frame. Once that was done, I turned up the facing and stitched that down. Last I stitched down all the fur by hand. I decided to use the blue butterfly I found because it was pretty and I was already changing some things on the costume, so I decided to use the sparkly butterfly instead.

I found the boots online for fairly cheap. I had a hard time finding a pair that would fit my legs…I have a hard time with that all the time.

The guild tattoo was done with a stencil I cut and then temporarily adhered to my leg while I put the make-up on. I used Ben Nye make-ups with great success. It didn’t rub off all day, even when I changed into jeans to go to dinner, but it came off easily with make-up remover.


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