Yuki-Onna (Original Design)

So when A-kon announced that the theme for its 23rd annual convention was going to be Yokai, I jumped at the chance to design my own versions. I chose the Yuki-onna because I’ve always loved the story. It’s so beautiful yet tragic. That, and I like being sparkly.

The dress is made of a white dull satin, is strapless, raises up slightly in the front, and has a small train on the back. Just enough to drag, but not enough to worry about it getting stepped on much.

The corseted obi and kimono top are matching fabrics that I found on fabric.com and knew they were what I wanted to portray the snow and ice of the Yuki-onna. The kimono has long furisode sleeves and just wraps under the obi. The obi was a bit tricky to figure out. I wanted it corseted, but I wanted to have the long drape like a maiko would wear because I love the drama of the longer obi. So the back is two pieces draped over a pillow and stitched inside the corset. The corset is made of the blue glittery fabric and then is lined in a very sturdy white cotton and then has 1/4″ rigid steel bones in all the channels. I needed it to have a lot of support to keep its shape throughout the day and it did.

The wig is one I found on eBay. I was going to style it and wear it with my birabira hairsticks, but I didn’t get around to it. I will in the future since I want to take pictures once it snows in the winter time.

My make-up was fun to do. I just took all the shimmery blue and white eye shadows I had and went to town. I covered a lot of my face with different colors to get an iced over effect. Then I rimmed my eyes in black liner and mascara. I used eyelash glue to put the sequins on so that I looked like I sparkled like ice. The lips are done in layered blue eyeshadows with a gloss on top. This is one of the few costumes I have right now that I don’t wear contacts with since I have brighter blue eyes to begin with.

I wore my silver shoes for Stocking since they worked with the theme. I decided to carry my kiseru pipe as a prop because I had it at the con with me and think it’s pretty awesome.

I hope to get to do some awesome pictures once winter rolls around, though I know I won’t be able to stay outside long in that costume. It has no warmth to it whatsoever!


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