I have been interested in fashion design for over fifteen years now. I have been sewing and creating clothing and costumes for about eleven years now. I love a mixture of modern and classic pieces for unique looks.

Awards & Accolades
Best In Show, Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 (for Habaek/Bride of the Water God)
Best Craftsmanship, A-Kon 23 Hall Cosplay Contest (for Anarchy Stocking/Panty & Stocking)
Master Level Winner, Anime Blues Con 2012 (for xxxHolic group costumes)
Winner of Dusk Comics Miss Tilney’s Victorian Costume Contest (Victorian dress)
Intermediate Level Winner, Anime Blues Con 2011 (for Ichihara Yuuko/xxxHolic)
Best Craftsmanship, A-Kon 21 Hall Cosplay Contest (for Kuroshitsuji group costumes)

Upcoming Appearances
Guest Judge, Anime Blast Chattanooga 2015

Contact: mehdiaraiise@gmail.com